We are Ecogranito

Since 2009, Ecogranito has transformed thousands of projects across the globe. We bring the best you can get for your exterior or interior coating needs: quality, elegance, versatility, and durability.

Our water-base plasters offer the look and feel of natural stone for a fraction of the price, and without the maintenance cost associated with it. Want more? Our cutting-edge Japanese technology enabled us to create a product that have minimum negative impact to the environment when compared to natural stone’s complex and harmful extraction process.

No matter the type or size of your project, we’ve got you covered: Want your garage to feel like a home-office. Renovating your your kitchen, washroom, fireplaces? Discover what you can achieve with Ecogranito Smart Coatings.

Ecogranito is your choice to elevate your residential, commercial, or interior project, bringing elegance, distinguish look, and unique atmosphere not found in other traditional siding or coatings options.


Japan, 2006 (from left to right): JC Mattos, Ecogranito co-founder | JC’s father | Renato Las Casas, Ecogranito co-founder | Renato’s father | Hiromishi Kano, Japanese chemical engineer, the creator of Ecogranito products

The Beginning

Ecoganito’s technology was created in Japan in the early 2000’s by chemical engineer Hiromishi Kano. His objective was to create an earthquake-resilient, cost-effective, alternative coating solution.

He achieved this, and much more



We believe you can have it all: the elegancelook, and feel of natural stone. We believe you should not be locked into choosing between stucco, brick, wood, or vinyl, nor should have to spend so much money on natural stone and at a cost to the environment. We bring the next generation of smart coatings for you to make it your own.


Ecogranito’s mission is to give life to your dream project. We are revolutionizing the coating industry, providing everyone with an affordable, versatile, beautiful, and easy to apply coating. Bring to your project the elegance of the natural stone, for a fraction of the price, with minimum maintenance, and without the harmful impact to the environment.